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Epic Journeys , Bring them on!
Long distance rides repeated for those who dare !

5000 Mile - Eastern Canada Challenge

Tour all of the east coast, Gaspe and all the way across the north and into Winnipeg.  
What more can truly be said - it has a bit of absolutely everything to take in and more
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5000 Mile - Western Canada Challenge

Okay so the east coast was not on your radar but chances are the Rockies just might be,   so saddle up and prepare to make the journey covering all of Ontario and working your way across to Nelson BC, then book it back!
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10000 Mile - All of Canada Challenge

Definitely the ultimate Riders Challenge , grab on to your seat for this one. You will ride tip to tip , end to end across all of Canada - riding time estimated at 20 days or 175 Hours! Oh My The Cannonball Rides 2020 Ultimate Road Warrior Challenge Awaits!
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WIN the grand prize
 2020 Honda CB300R
Draw Nov 1st ,2021
* Winner will be drawn from all verified rides that have been completed. The more Cannonball Rides you complete and verify the greater the odds are to WIN! Joe Rocket will also be giving away prizes every month during the event to riders who have verified. Post your photos!
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