Just imagine how easy this is going to be now!

All of the details will be posted here soon - stay in touch - This is how easy it should be to go out for a ride. Spend more time riding, and less about thinking where you want to go!

Earn Points, Prizes, and appear on the Canada-Wide leader-board.  Are you possibly Ontario's, Alberta's, Nova Scotia's Quebec's Long Distance Rider ?

The rides are FREE, To Download and use the riders App is FREE, the only thing you can buy is a patch to prove your did it!  Monthly winners will be drawn from the leader-boards across the country.


2019 Cannonball Rides are coming soon!

We shall release the hounds MAY 15th :)

  • 2019 - Register online.
  • 2019 - Start from where you live.
  • 2019 - Destination / Scenic stops.
  • 2019 - New "Super Dealers" ( select few per province )
  • 2019 - Ride selections will be all riding season!
  • 2019 - Collect Points per completed ride for the season
  • 2019 - The year we changed how Canada Rides !

  • Choose from any of the following Rides,
  • 250 Mile ride - 1 day ride  any-day  -  Start when your ready,  6.5 Hours to complete (25 points)
  • 500 Mile Ride - 1 day ride - any-day - Start when your ready, 12 hours to complete    (50 points)
  • 1000 Mile Ride - 2 day ride -  Start when your ready,  36 Total Hours to complete. (100 points)
  • 2500 Mile Ride - 5 day ride - Start when your ready - 5 consecutive days to complete   (250 points)
  • 5000 Mile Ride - 10 day  consecutive ride - basically two options western Canada or Eastern Canada (500 points)
  • 10000 Mile Extreme - 20 days - This ride is new for 2019 and will cover all of Canada! Serious challenge. NEW - (1000 Points)

      Please take the time to ensure your motorcycle is in good running order prior to doing these rides. A lot of riders had issues with tires, and general maintenance issues on the last rides. Safety if Critical when doing any long distance riding such as the Cannonball Rides. You don't want to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere do you?