Riding During A Lockdown - Canada Moto Guide

Rides are open any day any time between May 15th thru to Oct 31st - 2021
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Props to Terry Cowdrey who completed the 250-7 Ontario Cannonball Rides™ AND was randomly drawn to win a new Joe Rocket Jacket !
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How Does It Work?
Cannonball Rides is a complete collection of many of the best riding roads across Canada. All you have to do is pick your route, register, ride-it, and prove you did it! 

Each ride completed and verified earns you one entry towards the grand prize. Monthly draws will be made randomly by Joe Rocket giving away there awesome swagger to two lucky winners who have successfully completed their Cannonball Rides!  ( Gloves, Jackets, Shoes ) Amazing!

Rides are open any day any time between May 15th thru to Oct 31st - 2021

Disclaimer: You are on your own, you decide when and where you start. You must finish where you started to complete the loop within the given time. We assume no liability whatsoever before, during or after the ride.

What Does It Cost?
Cannonball Rides are totally FREE - no cost to register - no cost to do the rides.
This is all about getting out and riding some of the best roads Canada has to offer nothing more!

The only thing you can buy is your patch, if you want one, and only if you can prove you completed the ride in the time-frame given. These rides are not a race. You alone decide how far and how fast you wish to ride. All of the routes are based on Google Maps algorithm for time and distance. What it does not take into account is stops for fuel, breaks, lunch etc.

Cannonball Rides 2020 saw Mark Vass and Steve Shuttleworth complete the 10,000 Mile Ride!
Proud members of  Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers - Great riding group!
I ask you - DO YOU have what it takes :)

Pick Your Province, Pick your Ride
You are given in most cases the option of completing many rides per province.  Choose your province, choose your route from those being offered, and go when you are ready. 

250 Mile ride - 6.5 Consecutive Hours

500 Mile Ride -  12 Consecutive Hours
1000 Mile Ride -  36  Consecutive Hours 
2500 Mile Ride - 5 Consecutive Days

5000 Mile Ride - 10 Consecutive Days - West or East
10000 Mile Extreme - 20 Consecutive Days - All of Canada!

Many provinces offer some tremendous options to get out of the city and enjoy the day or two away.  Always plan your routes, check for fuel stops ahead of time, have your bike serviced, check your tires, be smart! Pack a raincoat - Think :)

Rides are open any day any time between May 15th thru to Oct 31st - 2021