Cannonball Rides ™ first event was in the spring of 2015. I wanted to offer the riding community an event unlike any other!

How many of you have had enough of the typical Ride-to events, you know the ones where you park your bike and stand around on hot asphalt for a day. I believed what the industry truly needed was an event that was purely all about the ride!

Finding the time and knowing where to go was the next issue, another trip to the coffee shop? around the same loop yet again? This is where Cannonball Rides began to take a foothold. Working with dealers and riders from across Canada, I created a series of rides / routes that delivers some of the best roads each province had to offer all in one common place for all to enjoy. Over the years these continued to change and other rides or areas of the province quickly became featured. The demand to see absolutely everything each province had to offer continued to grow and flourish. Super Dealers continued to come on board as the event gains traction and became part of everyone's bucket list of summer rides. When Covid hit, participation went ballistic for obvious reasons, people wanted to go anywhere on their bikes!

Joe Rocket Canada came on board as my first sponsor in the fall of 2015, and in the spring of 2016 we started to seriously give away their quality products to riders all across this land. I truly thank Max Charlebois from Joe Rocket Canada as without his continued support riders all across Canada would not be proudly wearing their winnings in every province.

To date I have put together 10 Cannonball Rides events ( 540+ rides ) starting out with a single day, then spring and fall, then one week event for 2018 - the one thing that was constant was all were held subjective to the elements of mother nature and life's inevitable disruptions. This caused many participants to forgo planned rides, weather was terrible or they had to work, etc.

With the ultimate motorcycle riding challenge in place for 2022 including giving away a FREE YAMAHA XT250 MOTORCYCLE co-sponsored with Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd and Turnkey Web Solutions plus additional Grand Prizes and so much more , we offer a complete riding season ( May 15th-Oct 31st ) of fun and exciting opportunities to get out and ride. This year I am bringing together the Cannonball Rally event into the fold with the Cannonball Rides portfolio. It will be far easier for drivers to find and sort the runs they want to participate in. Same rules apply.

Riders could now tackle any of the 125 Cannonball Rides events whenever they want and be rewarded for doing so for the entire riding season! Joe Rocket Canada continues to give away products as we up the volume and awareness leading to the Cannonball Rides Challenge for 2022!

A new point system was introduced last year and it works flawlessly - the more you ride the more points / ballots / registrations awarded towards the grand prize draws. Every completed and verified ride earns you points. The more you ride the better the chances are to WIN.

Riders by the thousands attend these rides every year, why wouldn't you? 

I hope you enjoy Cannonball Rides - I have worked very hard to make this dream a reality.

Cheers David Purdy

Cannon Ball Rides International Motorcycle Supershow Toronto
International Motorcycle Supershow Toronto

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