One of the greatest challenges we face as organizer is continuing to offer new routes yet to be explored. We look to our fellow audience whose passion is the same as ours and wish to share those routes. If you have a route that you feel is one worthy of sharing for others to explore please fill in the form below. We are working to bring riders all across Canada with the latest routes and of course those hidden gems. 


Live your own dream take nothing for granted!

Are you passionate about this sport and wish to share?

Would you care to share some of those hidden gems for others to also enjoy? I am always looking for rides to continue to pass along to others. Just for doing so I might just send you a cool Cannonball 6 panel baseball cap.

If you want I will tag you on the loop. Please submit a Google Map link and explanation as to why your ride qualifies as a Cannonball ride opportunity!

Cheers and Thanks

 Official Rules this Year’s Prizes  
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