Cannonball Rides™ and Cannonball Rally's™  were designed to be simple, fun and enjoyable.

  • 01

    You can start from where you live and complete an entire Cannonball Ride in most cases. You can go clockwise or counter clockwise - your choice.

  • 02

    Once you have selected your province and the ride you wish to complete, you are given a link to the Google Maps route for each of these rides.

  • 03

    When you select the link it opens Google Maps where you can zoom in or out and print off what detail you will need to complete the loop. Gas Stations!

  • 04

    Throughout this loop you will be required to stop at Dealer locations listed by order on route only. If the ride has more then four dealers listed pick the 4 corners.

  • 05

    Some rides offer unique photo opportunities, some offer food stops ( if open with Covid? ) but each ride offers great roads and an excuse to get out and ride!

  • 06

    You can grab a dealer business card, or take a selfie in front of the dealership, whatever works best for you.

  • 07

    With Covid, selfies are the norm in front of dealership or business gate. Try to show the dealership name if possible , or show the dealership sign behind you.

  • 08

    Once you completed the ride, forward a picture of the cards or selfies from your phone, picture of fuel receipts and other details you wish to share.

  • 09

    We are hoping to get pictures of you , your passenger, please send us some great shots. We want the world to know you have what it takes :)

  • 10

    Post your photos on Social Media, speak up about Cannonball Rides - Who else is giving away a motorcycle for FREE ! :)

  • 250 Mile Ride~1  Ballot 6.5 Consecutive Hours
  • 500 Mile Ride~2  Ballots 12 Consecutive Hours
  • 1000 Mile Ride~4 Ballots 36 Consecutive Hours
  • 2500 Mile Ride~10 Ballots  5 Consecutive Days
  • 5000 Mile Ride~20 Ballots 10 Consecutive - West or East
  • 10000 Mile Xtreme~40 Ballots 20 Consecutive All of Canada!

Register using the link below - Tell us all of the particulars please. Upload pics and you're entered into the monthly Joe Rocket prize packs, PLUS once your ride has been verified it counts towards the ultimate bragging rights draw.


Grand Prize Draw Rules

Two Grand Prize winners will be chosen randomly by me ( David Purdy ) from those who have successfully completed their selected routes.  These are verified with digital photos of dealer stops via selfies , digital images of business cards plus digital fuel receipts. If we need more detail we will contact you. Please keep your fuel receipts handy as they may be requested again when you arrive at the dealership to pick up your Motorcycle or any other Grand Prize. All of the requirements are submitted online.

Entry ballots (b) are awarded per route completed. When the draws are made if you completed for example a , 250 and a 500 series route you would be entered 3 times. Ride 10- 500's = 20 ballots (b)!
The more you ride - the better the odds of winning!

  • 1b 250 Mile
  • 10b 2500 Mile
  • 2b 500 Mile
  • 20b 5000 Mile
  • 4b 1000 Mile
  • 40b 10000 Mile

Should a winner be drawn from out of province the Grand Prize's will be delivered to the closest Yamaha Motorcycle Retail Outlet.  It will be your responsibility to take delivery of the Grand Prizes and cover licensing costs if applicable.  All taxes, freight, P.D.I Inspection have been paid in full.

There is absolutely no cost to enter any of the Cannonball Rides. You must have a current and valid motorcycle license or automobile license and Insurance in good standing in order to participate and complete any of the Cannonball Rides provincial routes.

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