Here is a picture of some of the riders that entered the Cannonball rides and how some celebrated after they completed it - Do YOU have what it takes?

The Cannonball Rides spring rides will be June 10th and 11th, 2017. I am working out the details now for all of the new rides. We are introducing by request a 2500 mile - 5 day ride to the mix. It will join three provinces together making any of these rides across the country a must do event! 

Cannonball Rides Riders will be able to register starting 60 days out leading up to the event at the closest dealership / business closest to them. This will eliminate time delays with last minute registrations on site.
Riders will pay for their patch at the time of registration if they want one.
Its up to you!

Sat - 500 mile ride: 9 AM on Saturday - Exit Saturday Night by 9 PM with fuel receipt.

Sat -Sun 1000 mile ride: 9 AM Start Saturday - 2 day ride - overnight opt? - exit Sunday  by 9 PM
with fuel receipt.

Tue-Sat 2500 mile ride: 9 AM start Tuesday -5 day ride - exit Saturday by 9 PM with fuel receipt.
3 Province Rides!

You can exit each of these rides by filling your fuel tank and keeping the time date stamped receipt. You must hang on to this as dealers will review your receipt when you come in to pick up your well earned patch.

Most dealers will be open on the Saturday welcoming riders as they pass through. If for any reason a dealership is not open, and cards are not on a fence or front door to grab then take a selfy in front of the business to prove you have been there.

This will streamline the event and allow dealers to staff accordingly.

Cheers, David


You choose your starting point from any of the dealership or alternate business location listed - You must stop at each of the dealership / checkpoint locations listed on any of the ride maps and grab a business card along that route. You must keep these business cards from each dealership as they will be required to be shown either on your your return or when you come back in to pick up your patch. You can ride clockwise or counter clockwise but you must stop at every location regardless. You end up returning back to your original starting location to complete the loop / ride.  This is not a race, you alone decide your speed, when you wish to take breaks, etc. You must follow the ride maps / routes as presented and you only have the time given to complete on each ride.

Starting times are the same for all provinces,  Spring Rides ( 500, 1000 ) start Saturday 9 AM. When you arrive check in and go!. You only have a 1 hour window to arrive and leave - DON'T BE LATE - you will not be allowed to go.  12 hours later for the 500 mile ride you must return back to the original location - you will have completed the loop by then - If you left at 9.01 AM you must arrive back that evening by 9.01 PM - If you do not make it for whatever reason, there is always next time :)

The 1000 Mile platinum ride is a 2 day - Starting time will be 9 AM Saturday June 10th.  Assuming you leave right at 9 AM - You will have 36 Hours to complete and must follow the same rules as the 500 - pick up business cards along the way. The purpose of this ride is to tackle some very serious riding. I believe that you will ride for 12 hours, grab a motel on route and then enjoy the evening, good food, beverage and sleep. The following morning leave by 9 AM and arrive back to your original starting location that night June 12th by 9 PM. It will be a great turn out for what i consider to be a very solid fun ride. Two up riding or solo it is definitely about the journey this ride for sure.

The 2500 Mile 3 Provinces ride is a 5 day - Starting time will be 9 AM Tuesday - Saturday at 9 PM -you will have 5 days to make the loop you have chosen, covering three provinces in 60 hours of ride time. It truly is a riding adventure and will take you around some of the best roads each of the three provinces have to offer. Never been to Yellowknife? Well we will have a ride putting AB, BC and NWT together for example!

As with all rides please do be very careful. You alone decide how fast and how aggressive you must be on these roads.  View each provinces rides - Click Here

I have heard from a few people that the last rides were more difficult then the first rides in some provinces. Perhaps that is a good thing? If it was easy anyone could do it :)  The Ontario rides I do myself to get a guide as to what I feel others can do, I cannot take into account your desire for a long lunch, or more stops then just fuel. Every new ride is a learning experience and the feedback I am getting is perfect - thank you.  All I will say is that with any Cannonball ride - Time Is Critical! 

The dealers listed on each provincial ride maps page are part of the new series of rides for 2016. I am looking for more dealers that would like to become starting points.  If you are interested please contact me directly. Click here
Click Here

New Rides coming soon - Cannonball 2500, and Cannonball 5000 - Cannonball Road Warrior © -Hardcore Motorcycle Rides ©!

View all of the WINNERS so far - Click Here

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Cheers - Purdyman