Important: Important: Please take the time to say a quick hello to the dealers on these routes. To verify you were there please take a selfie of yourself in front of their door or gate for verification marked on each route.  Covid rules apply - No Hugging the Dealers! 
Riders that exit after hours - fill your tank when you return - keep receipt. Patches can be purchased above " Ride Patches "
and are mailed directly to you.  Some provinces can take up to 4 weeks to receive these via Canada Post.

I have reduced the number of dealer stops by design. Take your time enjoy the scenery!
Remember: Covid Rules apply unless otherwise instructed by provincial or federal parties.

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This is the actual Bike - Turned out fantastic! Cool RIDE2WIN :)
Ride # ON-2500 - 5 Day Cannonball Rides - "East west north and south "
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints: 
London, Toronto, Trenton, North Bay, Cochrane, Nipigon, Thunder Bay, Wawa, The Sault, Sudbury, Barrie, Owen Sound

Ride # ON-1000-1   2 Day ride
Owen Sound Chatham Delhi Toronto Bracebridge
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:
Kalinowski, Bobs motorsports, Andrews sport, McKee Sport, Niagara Race Crafters, Snow city, Cameron cycle, Bracebridge Yamaha, Orillia Motorsports
Ride # ON-1000-2   2 Day ride
 London, Renfrew, Sudbury,  Owen Sound

Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:
Orillia Motorsports, Kalinowski, St Marys Ford, Hully Gully, Royal Distributing, Centre Town, Northstar Recreation

Ride # ON-1000-3  - 3 Day Cannonball Rides  High demand for this Journey
South western Ontario and across all of the north - includes ferry crossing tobermory
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints: 
Part 1- Niagara Race Crafters, Clares Cycle, McKee Sport, Hully Gully, Palmerston, Kalinowski, Catch the Ferry :)
Part 2 - Northstar, Algonquin Park, Cameron Cycle, GP Bikes, Peak Powersports, Kellys Cycle, Niagara Race Crafters
1) Watch your fuel on 144, 101 and 129 ( make sure you get fuel in Chapleau )
Ferry Details: https://www.ontarioferries.com/en/ms-chi-cheemaun-en/
Ride # ON-1000-4            2 Day Cannonball Ride
Bracebridge, Timmins, Wawa
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:  
Bracebridge Yamaha, Carlson Sports, Guiho , Wawa Motor Inn, Northshore Sports, Northstar

 Ride # ON-1000-5     2 Day Cannonball Ride
Oshawa, Carnarvon, Timmins,  Chapleau, Sudbury, Orillia
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:
GP Bikes, Northland, Carlson Sports, Giho, Northstar, Bracebridge Yamaha, Orillia Motorsports

Ride # ON-1000-6     2 Day Cannonball Ride
Barrie Ottawa North Bay Sudbury Ferry
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints: 
Barrie HD, Orillia Motorsports, Bracebridge Yamaha, Ottawa Goodtimes, Centre Town, Wilno Tavern,  Carlson Sports, Northstar Recreation, Ferry Ride :)
Ride # ON-1000-7     2 Day Cannonball Ride True North Warrior Ride
Timmins, Wawa, Kenora, Thunderbay
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints: 
Ksports, Dryden, Badiuk, Excalibur, Guiho, Wawa Motor Inn
Ride # ON-500-1     1 Day Cannonball Ride
Chatham, Niagara, Owen Sound

Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:
Bobs Motorsports, Andrews Sports, McKee Yamaha, Clares Cycle,
Niagara Race Crafters, Kalinowski

Ride # ON-500-2     1 Day Cannonball Ride
Orillia Sudbury North Bay Canarvon
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints: 
Orillia Motorsports, Bracebridge Yamaha, Northstar Recreation, TG Powersports, Carlson Sports, Northland Recreation, Riverside Inn
Ride # ON-500-3        1 Day Cannonball Ride
Ottawa Peterborough Wilno Renfrew
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:  
Motorsports World, Motorsport Plus, Motorsports of Trenton, Cameron Cycle, Wilno Tavern, Centretown Motorsports - excellent ride

Ride # ON-500-4        1 Day Cannonball Ride
Sudbury Timmins North Bay Powasson

Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:
Northstar Recreation, Guiho Saw Sales, Carlson Sports, Geisler Marine

Ride # ON-500-5        1 Day Cannonball Ride
T-Bay Kenora
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:  
Ksports, Dryden, Badiuk, Excalibur
Ride # ON-500-6        1 Day Cannonball Ride
Orillia, Collingwood, London, Toronto, Lake Simcoe

Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:
Orillia Motorsports, Parkway Yamaha ,Palmerston Motors, Hully Gully, Royal Distributing, Snow City, Blackstock Motorsports, Riverside Inn

Ride # ON-500-7        1 Day Cannonball Ride
 London, Guelph, Port Perry, Orillia, Palmerston
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:   Not going to be easy!
Orillia motorsports, Palmerston Motorsports, St Marys Ford, Hully Gully, Zdeno, Royal Distributing, Blackstock, Riverside Inn - " The Ride "

Ride # ON-500-8        1 Day Cannonball Ride
 Kingston, Trenton, Peterborough, Bracebridge, Huntsville, Algonquin Park, Barry's Bay, Renfrew
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:   Not going to be easy!
Motorsports Plus, Motorsports of Trenton, Cameron Cycle, Bracebridge Yamaha, Center Town Motorsports

Ride # ON-250-1        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
Sudbury, Powasson, North Bay
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:
Northstar Recreation, Giesler Marine, Carlson Sports
Ride # ON-250-2        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
Kingston, Tweed
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:
Motorsports Plus, Motorsports of Trenton, Tweed Recreational

Ride # ON-250-3        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
Kingston Ottawa Renfrew
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:
Motosports Plus, Centre Town, Motorsport World, Ottawa Good Times

Ride # ON-250-4        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
Central Kawartha
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:   
Cameron Cycle,  McGregor Sportline ( Photo Stop Only )
Ride # ON-250-5        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
Toronto, Orillia
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:   
Edge Performance,  GP Bikes, VOS Cycle, Cameron Cycle, Orillia Motorsports, Barrie HD

Ride # ON-250-6        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
Guelph, Dover, Oakville
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:   
Peak Powersports, Port Dover, McKee Sport, Royal Distributing, Palmerston Motors
Ride # ON-250-7        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
South Western Ontario
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:   
Royal Distributing, Zdeno Cycle, Kellys Cycle, Clares Cycle, McKee's Yamaha, Hully Gully
Ride # ON-250-8        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
Shelburne , Bracebridge
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:   
Orillia Motorsports, Barrie HD, MAN Services, Factory Recreation, Bracebridge Yamaha
Ride # ON-250-9        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
Ottawa, Renfrew
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:   
Centre town Motorsports, HD Outaouais, Motorsports world, Wilno Tavern, The Scoop
Ride # ON-250-10        6.5 hrs  Cannonball Ride
Barrie, Collingwood, Owen Sound
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:   
Orillia Motorsports, Parkway Yamaha, Kalinowski Power, Palmerston Motors