Welcome To Cannonball Rides
Get your motorcycles ready! - The fall color tour will offer two rides -
NEW RIDE - Fall 1000 KM Maple Leaf Tour - 2 Day Ride Sept 17th, 18th
NEW - 500 KM Silver Edition Fall Color Tour Saturday Sept, 17th

Please remember the rides are FREE - No entry fee to get in on the action - And we give-a way great stuff :)
Patches have arrived - I'm Shipping to Dealers NOW!

Cannonball Rides offers a series of motorcycle journeys across every province within Canada.
These rides are one or two day adventures designed to take through some of the best roads
each province has to offer. These rides are not easy, they require great stamina to finish.
Proper planning and consistent speed are required to complete any of these rides.
Disclaimer: You are on your own, you decide when and where you start. You must finish where you started
to complete the loop within the given time. We assume no liability whatsoever before, during or after the ride.
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Registration will open July 17th  for 60 days. Visit your closest dealership / business listed with each ride map by province.
Details below - No Entry Fee to get in on the action - just as it should be :)

    • Riders can now begin registering starting 60 days out leading up to the Fall Color Rides at the closest starting point listed.
    • There will be no last minute registrations on site - Don't delay you need to register to be included.
    • Riders will pay for their patch at the time of registration. Starting points will distribute patches.
    • Should a dealership not be open on Sunday they will tell you their plans at time of registration.
    • Riders doing the 1000 Maple Leaf Tour will exit Sunday Night by filling their fuel tank and keeping the time date stamped receipt.

            2016 Cannonball Rides Fall Color Tours

    Saturday September 17th 1000 km ride - 2 day ride
            Start at 9 AM - 32 Hours to complete

            Saturday September 17th 500 km ride
            Start at 9.00 AM - 8 Hours to complete.

              1000 km ride must complete by 5 PM Sunday Night.

    Please take the time to ensure your motorcycle is in good running order prior to doing these rides. A lot of riders had issues with tires, and general maintenance issues on the last rides. Safety if Critical when doing any long distance riding such as the Cannonball Rides. You don't want to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere do you? Ask your starting point to give your bike a once over, it's well worth it to know your bike is ready for the Cannonball!

    I hope everyone enjoys the next series of rides. New maps will be posted very soon - I'm on it! :)
    Cheers Purdyman

    A huge thank you to all dealerships across the country, without their continued support these rides would not be possible. Every year it just gets bigger and better :) More prizes will be given away, more sponsors will come on board - This is what a motorcycle ride should be about - Get out and ride your bike!

    Want to add your dealership as a starting point? Go here

    There are posters available for download here should you wish to print a couple off and pass around to your friends or local shop owners, power-sport dealerships to get in on the action for the next ride. Should be a lot of fun and something everyone can do!

    These are rain or shine events - no rain checks!

    Please note: You must return back to your originating starting point to complete the loop prior to the deadline on Sunday. You can start at any of the locations listed on any of the maps, in any of the provinces.

    Final starting locations have all been confirmed with only a couple of exceptions - These will not effect any riders outside of possibly another turn here or there. Dealerships are now signing up for the September fall color tour.

    David Purdy ( AKA ) Purdyman

    Cannonball 500 is not a race. Not a single person WINS when safety is not your first consideration. You need to be consistent with your speed, take short breaks if you wish to complete within the time frame given. Disclaimer: You are on your own, you decide when and where you start. You must finish where you started to complete the loop within the given time. We assume no liability whatsoever before, during or after the ride.

    Riders West Article about Cannonball Rides - Great read

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    Finally a very cool way to keep track and display on your wall each of the rides you have completed.

    Linen certificate. Foil Stamps!

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    Can it get any better - DO a ride for FREE, complete it within the time requirements and you are automatically entered to WIN one of the Joe Rocket Prize Packs!  - View last Falls Winners - Click Here

    I am proud to have Joe Rockets Support as I grow this ride -
    Thank you  Purdyman