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2nd Ride - Saturday, Sunday June 11th, 12th 2016 Rain or Shine

1) Start your ride and end your ride where you started - Its a huge 800 plus kilometer loop! Imagine a total day dedicated to riding - nothing more!

2) You will need to collect a business card from each starting point or dealership location to earn the right to purchase a Cannonball 500 patch . You must collect fuel receipts, date and time stamped as part of your documentation requirements with the Iron Butt certificate. ( Any and all rides)

3) This is only timed in that you must finish within 12 hours to qualify.

4) Failure to do so only means you did not complete. There is always next year!

5) Volunteers and fellow riders can assist at days end with witnessing your documentation.

The Ride is FREE - No Charge - only cost is either a patch
( optional and only if earned ) or the certificate which you send away for from the IRON BUTT ASSOCIATION - Directly.

Please visit the Ride Details link above for all of the new rides - Ride maps Link above now cover all of Canada. Cheers

Should you be coming from out of town and quite a distance away - Pick the location that is closet to you so you can either take a motel, or plan on arriving early.

Please remember this is all about riding and enjoying the day - nothing more.  Patch order form

The Cannonball 500 Patch will be available for purchase only if you can prove you completed the ride in 12 hours!