Registration is now required for all Cannonball Rides being offered

Register at your local dealership / starting point listed on the ride you have chosen.

Registration will begin starting 60 days prior to any event. Dealers have the forms to register on-site.

Riders have the option to purchase their patch at time of registration.  Patches $5 - Riders and passengers may purchase.

It takes 4 to 6 weeks to gather all orders from every province and then ship. You will be picking up your patch at your starting point unless alternative arrangements have been made.

 If you have suggestions please send them my way. It is from riders such as yourself that these rides continue to grow and those very cool indeed riding roads are uncovered :)



1) Riders are to leave starting location on Saturday Morning if they are completing any of the weekend rides.  Riders leave in small groups and not all at once. Staggered start if you will. 9.00 AM - 9.02 etc. This is NOT a group ride. You can go as an individual, you and your buddies whatever. You along decide who you wish to ride with.

2) Riders are to stop by all dealership locations listed in name . Google Maps does not allow me to put all stops in some cases on each ride. Please refer to the stops / dealerships listed by name under each specific ride posted. The routes offered are the most scenic. Riders can choose to take an alternative route if they desire as long as they stop at each of the location listed on the ride they have chosen.

3) Riders exiting on the Saturday night - 250 or 500 ride - will do so by filling up their tanks and keeping the receipt or having the dealer sign them out if open. This is the only way to verify your completion time.   500 Ride - 12 hours to complete (Spring), NEW 250 Ride - 6.5 Hours to complete

4) Riders exiting on the Sunday - 1000 ride - will do the same as above.  1000 Ride - 36 Hours to complete ( Spring),  Fall 1000 KM is 32 Hours to complete

5) Riders need to keep the receipts and cards which may be asked for upon picking up their patch. Riders must prepay for patch if they are chasing the bragging rights. Patches are $5 dollars each - rider and passenger both may purchase one if desired.

6) Summer and Fall Construction:  If riders need to detour or change because of summer construction this is allowed. No one needs to sit in traffic or ride on gravel if it is avoidable.

 7) Ride Safe, Have Fun. You along decide how far and how fast you wish to ride.
There are no prizes for first place!
This is about enjoying the adventure.


NEW - Cannonball Certificates!

Finally a very cool way to keep track and display on your wall each of the rides you have completed.

Linen Certificate. Foil Dated Ride Stamps!

Gotta Have it - Category :)

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You will visit dealers all across your province and experience some of the best roads, those hidden gems throughout these rides.

What are you waiting for - visit one of the dealers listed on the ride maps and get registered.

For those interested we do have SURVIVOR t-shirts available
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