Registration is now required for all Cannonball Rides being offered

Please take the time to drop by your local starting point. Since the beginning we offered on-site registration which truly has not been the best for all concerned. It leaves everyone guessing as to how many riders which does not provide the dealerships / businesses with the flexibility to do something special without knowing how many hardcore motorcycle riders are coming! 

Please do stop by any of the locations listed within the ride maps and let them know you wish to complete one of the rides - make sure you get registered for the correct ride. Registration will begin starting 60 days prior to any event. I will be sending sheets to the dealers / businesses with the correct forms for all rides.

Riders have the option to purchase their patch at time of registration. If they do not wish to that is fine - my rides are FREE but you will not be able to order a patch afterwards.

With thousands of riders chasing the patches across the Canadian Countryside I am hopeful to provide a seamless distribution for not only patches but also for each and everyone of the events.  If you have suggestions please send them my way. It is from riders such as yourself that these rides continue to grow and those very cool indeed riding roads are uncovered :)


NEW - Cannonball Certificates!

Finally a very cool way to keep track and display on your wall each of the rides you have completed.

Linen Certificate. Foil Dated Ride Stamps!

Gotta Have it - Category :)

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You will visit dealers all across your province and experience some of the best roads, those hidden gems throughout these rides.

What are you waiting for - visit one of the dealers listed on the ride maps and get registered.