Hello David

I just thought I would let you know that we did make it around the Cannon ball 500 in NS and we had a blast..... a long day but we did have great weather and good company.  So thank you for allowing us to start from our home base. 

Also wanted to give you heads up on one section of road that we traversed.... navigated.... bounced over...... yeah I can't even come up with a good word for it. LOL but it did make for an adventure. But next year you may want to remove the loop from Yarmouth to Shelburne (route 203) was very bad. The mining trucks that ran that route a few years back have destroyed the road. 

This in no way is a complaint just informing you so organizers can make informed decisions on the route for next year.Thanks again for setting it up and I did have a blast, and we made it. Too cool.  

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