We rode up from Hamilton in the morning and still finished with 15 minutes to spare starting from Stayner.
As you probably found, groups of more then 2 or 3 waste more time at stops for fuel or food. I think pairs are ideal. and will aim for that next year.
We rode the route backwards which turned out to be a minor mistake. We had hoped to avoid the 400 traffic though those that went clockwise said there was little and hoped to avoid some of the rain but ran into it. Oh well just part of the fun of riding.
The guys at Barrie Harley  said that they would be hosting a giant BBQ next year at the end and it seems many of the Check in Spot sponsors were well behind the ride. 
Like any good event there will be millions of great stories and adventures like the guy who lost his GO PRO on hwy 66 in the grass but found it in the bushes working but well shaken, the group of Russian Riders that bickered constantly but good naturedly at every stop, Deer, Turtle and other wildlife sightings and the solitary radar trap, all good stuff.
And the big grins and waves on every rider we passed was proof that any minor inconvenience was worth it.
Thanks again

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