We had about 75 riders leaving our shop (I was one of them so did not get a final head count). Massive line up out of door from about 6:30 am. Had a cooler of water for all riders stopping in (33 degrees outside) as well as coffee and doughnuts.

When I got to Dauphin I saw that Country Boys Choppers were open and welcoming in all riders. Awesome! They said they had 40 riders leave in the morning.

When I got to Morden I saw that the owner of Gaslight HD was there. They were closed during the day but were welcoming riders in the morning and at the end. Had a big bucket of ice water for all riders to grab on their way through. Awesome.

The feedback we got in the shop was absolutely fantastic. Everyone loved it and will eagerly do it again. Great work on getting this organized David, you did a fantastic job!  My total was 938km in 11 hours 59 minutes. Yes, 1 minute shy of 12 hours. Got a huge laugh out of that timing.

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