Charmaine wrote: I did it, 854km over 500 miles, threw 4 hail storms, 2 inches of slush, raining 85% of the time, near frost bite using the southern double back route which was embedded in the alternate route you posted! Wow! Ya, I Got What It Takes! What do you need to prove I did this yesterday? I took pictures I have some gas receipts but I did not stop at every town, And I had gas to start, I got card in Nelson, and a card at the end Vantage in Penticton , which was my start as well. I was riding in the slush with 3 others who are doing the 1000. Wow! The map that showed up in your link once in awhile when I pressed it I called it The double Back Route. Wow! Can't believe I stuck it out. My group didn't want yo wait for fairies and didn't want to ride 33, which is a route I haven't taken in awhile. They did an altered northern route. They more then likely missed the storm systems? Not sure yet waiting to hear from them. I went solo! Met lots of people at gas stations who where doing the 1000 on Hwy 3. I was close to just sa, to hell with it and to join them. I'll be doing the 1000 next year. Rain or shine!

That's what i am talking about - just get out and do it!

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