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COVID - 10,000  Mile Ride  ( Sept. 4th, 2020 )
I met up today with two of Canada's true road warriors having just completed a 10,000 mile Cannonball Rides journey.  Both riders are very proud supporters of C.M.C ( Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers ) and have managed to add now to their already completed 500, 1000, 2500 , 5,000 Mile ( Steve ) Cannonball  Rides.  Together they braved the weather and faced only challenges best described by them while completing a full almost 17,000 KM's .  One with a new motorcycle! ( Another Story ) 
The ride was best described by them as a challenge truly unlike any other. They have been around Cannonball Rides for a few years and now they are looking to pass on the challenge to all 9,000 members of C.M.C for 2021! 
Mark Vass                          Steve Shuttleworth

Stay tuned a lot is going to happen as we plan this massive riding movement for 2021 :)
2020 Cannonball Rides

The hounds are free to roam May 1st, 2020 -
Print N
- You made your point clear.
You wanted to get out and ride you bike and not fuss with your phone constantly - I get it - Back to the basics 101 - :)

  • 2020 - Start from where you live.
  • 2020 - Destination / Scenic stops.
  • 2020 - New "Super Dealers" ( select few per province )
  • 2020 - Ride selections will be changing all riding season!
  • 2020 - Riders can submit there favorite rides.
  • 2020 - The year we changed how Canada Rides !

  • Choose from any of the following Rides,
  • 250 Mile ride - 1 day ride  any-day  -  Start when your ready,  6.5 Hours to complete
  • 500 Mile Ride - 1 day ride - any-day - Start when your ready, 12 hours to complete   
  • 1000 Mile Ride - 2 day ride -  Start when your ready,  36 Total Hours to complete.
  • 2500 Mile Ride - 5 day ride - Start when your ready - 5 consecutive days to complete 
  • 5000 Mile Ride - 10 day  consecutive ride - western Canada or Eastern Canada
  • 10000 Mile Extreme - 20 days - Serious challenge. NEW

    Cannonball Rides has been organizing and running motorcycle riders challenges since 2015. Go the old school way, print the map and Ride - You could WIN Prizes.  Are you possibly Ontario's, Alberta's, Nova Scotia's Quebec's Long Distance Rider ?

    The rides are FREE, The only thing you can buy is a patch to prove you did it! 


      Please take the time to ensure your motorcycle is in good running order prior to doing these rides. A lot of riders had issues with tires, and general maintenance issues on the last rides. Safety if Critical when doing any long distance riding such as the Cannonball Rides. You don't want to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere do you?

Disclaimer: You are on your own, you decide when and where you start. You must finish where you started to complete the loop within the given time. We assume no liability whatsoever before, during or after the ride.

New for 2020 - Rider Training Schools all across Canada are partnering up with Cannonball Rides. Successful graduates and past students will now be taking on a series of rides once Covid 19 has officially been lifted - (Covid 19 - RTI does not endorse any group rides at this time) - Remember even if you have been riding for 20 years a refresher course is of great value. Visit Rider Training Institute
"Print N Ride" Old school way to have some serious fun.

Whats in the works for 2021 :)
 All I am authorized to say is GET READY!

David Purdy


So what is the law to riding with my cell phone as my gps?
Well depends on the police officer - read more here

Coming Soon - ADV RIDES are ready to go NOW!
1)  ATV, UTV, Side by Side / Offroad Trail Rides
2) Adventure Motorcycle class / Combo Paved / Dirt
3) Snowmobile Rider Challenges

New Distance Options for these classes - 100, 175, 250