Important: Please take the time to say a quick hello to the dealers on these routes. To verify you were there please take a selfie of yourself in front of their door or gate for verification marked on each route.  Covid rules apply - No Hugging the Dealers! 

Riders that exit after hours - fill your tank when you return - keep receipt. Patches can be purchased above " Ride Patches "
and are mailed directly to you.  Some provinces can take up to 4 weeks to receive these via Canada Post.

I have reduced the number of stops by design. Take your time enjoy the scenery!
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Make note of the RIDE # Below - This will be required when submitting all of your proof for each ride once completed.
Submit photos / selfies once you have completed your ride here - Submit Here  ( opens new window )

Ride # BC-1000-1  1000 KM - Once around - 2 day Ride
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:
Honda Centre, Daytona, GA Checkpoint, Big Top , Penticton Honda, Kelowna Powersports, Rivercity Cycle, Barnes HD, Revolution Powersports
Ride # BC-1000-2       1000 Mile Entire Core - 2 Day
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints: 

Honda Centre, Revolution Powersports, River City Cycle, Main Jet, Barrett Motorsports, Kelowna Powersports, Big Top, GA Checkpoint

Ride # BC-1000-3       1000 Mile -Vancouver Island - 2 Day ( Submitted by CMC 065 )
Dealership Start and  Checkpoints: 

Mile Zero Motorcycles, VI Honda, Action Motorcycles, SG Power, Port Hardy
Air Nootka ( Photo Op), Anchor Lookout Tofino ( Photo Op)

Ride # BC-500-1   500 Mile South-East BC
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:  
Su Casa Mexican Café - Barrett Motorsports, Penticton Honda, Kelowna Powersports, Main Jet
Ride # BC-500-2  500 Mile Core BC
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:  
Falkland Pub - GA Checkpoint, Big Top, Penticton Honda, Kelowna Powersports, RiverCity Cycle

Ride # BC-500-3  500 Mile Cache Creek
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:  
Honda Centre, GA Checkpoint, Big Top, Revolution Powersports
Ride # BC-500-4  500 +1 Mile Island Ride
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:  
Mile Zero Motorcycles, Action Motorcycles, VI Honda, SG Power
Ride # BC-500-5  500 Glamor Peak Run
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:  
Air Nootka ( Photo Op) Mile Zero Motorcycles, VI Honda, Action Motorcycles, SG Power
Ride # BC-250-1   250 Mile Chilliwack Lake?
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:
Daytona Motorsports, Honda Centre, GA Checkpoint, Big Top Powersports

Ride # BC-250-2  250+1 Inner Loop ( 7.5 hour ride )
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:
Penticton Honda, Kelowna Powersports, River City Cycle

Ride # BC-250-3  250 Vancouver Island
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:

Highwayman Saloon
Mile Zero Motorcycles, VI Honda, Weaver Leathers, Action Motorcycle, SG Power
Ride # BC-250-4  250 Port Renfrew
Dealership Start and Checkpoints:

Mile Zero Motorsports, VI Honda, Action Motorcycles, SG Power