What is required to become a dealership starting point?

Starting locations let all of their existing customers know about the event. You promote it within your dealership ( Huge 12 x 19 Posters Supplied ), on your website, Facebook and any other social media you currently have access too. Make sure everyone has fun doing it. The ride is open to all makes and models, so you should be able to draw in other brands from your own local trading area as well. Starting locations are the riders local entry point into the ride - All riders who start at your location also exit or end back at your location - Think of the Cannonball as one big loop bringing your local riders back home to complete.

The purpose behind having other dealerships involved is to bring awareness to riders of the dealerships should they ever have break downs in those areas and to let everyone know exactly what the province has to truly offer. It is a Win-Win for all dealerships as it brings great awareness to your location. When other dealerships are involved it also cranks up hundreds of new riders coming to your door - Many will never have been there nor would they have ridden that far without the Cannonball's involvement. Once they see everything your area has to offer - they will be back!

I ask dealers to hand out their own business cards at their location  (many put a discount on the back). This is done by merely hanging a box on your front door the day of so people can ride in and grab a business card and move on. Some locations have handed out water. It is always up to you. Some stores do nothing.  Barrie HD offers a barbecue for riders that start there at day's end.

Each day of the rides:

1) Riders will leave at 9 AM, Riders will start arriving prior to this if not already there.
The ride starts officially at 9 AM and riders can leave up to 10 AM. Each rider must have pre-registered - its your call if you want last minute riders to be included.

Very basic detail required here - riders name, plate number, email, phone and time they left. Using the registration sheet provided please mark which ride each is entering to complete. Collect from each rider at that time the $5.00 for their patch, and just mark paid on the form. New sheets carbon less duplicates have been created - top copy please mailed to me with funds collected from the patches - these are included with the fall dealer kit. 

2) The  250 starts and ends the same day. The 500 is a one day 12 hour  any day ride. The 1000 is a 2 day any two days combined - The 500 riders will be back at days end, and chances are so will the 1000 riders, they will exit with a fuel receipt. They will hang on to this receipt to verify when coming back in to pick up their patch. The 2500 is a 5 day consecutive ride. These sheets are required for the rider to be entered into for the FREE Joe Rocket prize pack. All riders that complete are entered into the draw - which is per province and ride.

During the Ride:

Riders will be coming by your location all hours of the day. When your dealership closes for the day, please make sure you put a box and affix it to your front door so the riders coming by after hours can collect cards. Put lots of your business cards in this box please. The one complaint I always hear is that the dealership was out of cards.

The Patch Order:

The patches mark the ride each completed 250, 500, 1000, 2500 express, 5000 express etc. - Some dealers give them away, others charge the riders for them - your call. These are very nice patches and something every rider will wear with pride. They are limited and numbered by ride so their are no repeats.

Upon completion Dealers then tally up the number of patches required and submit their bulk order along with payment and the registration sheets. If you have riders with passengers - they also qualify to purchase a patch. Anyone sitting on the back of a bike for an extended period of time - deserves it!

The patch order is then shipped to you and each rider is back into your store to pick them up. Perfect time to talk about upgrading their seat :)

Cost To Be Involved:

The dealerships cost is minimal. I supply as a dealer kit posters ( 3) large 12 x 19 four color, Carbon Less registration sheets, 100 + business cards, ( 2) new counter top displays with 3-fold brochures talking too - Service, Accessories and preparing your ride ahead of time prior to tackling any Cannonball Rides. Plus  4 over 4 laminated Cannonball helmet stickers which go to the first 50 riders that show up the day of the event and shipping to you all for $200.00

It is a great ride that is nothing more then all about riding. If you would like to become a starting point dealership in your province please let me know. I build the rides out around dealership starting points. If I cannot get you into an existing ride
( your location?)  - We will build out a ride for your immediate area. No location is too remote - Remember we had two in Yellowknife in June :)

Once your dealership becomes a starting point then we will lock in your position on these rides for subsequent events. Example: Should you become a spring ride location then you will have fall ride location preference. These two rides each year will definitely help your bottom line. Working together we can grow your location into a Cannonball Rides ™ preferred location.

Thank you - David Purdy      

YES - Add My Dealership To These Rides

 Posters your business receives when u become a starting point.

Day of Rides - Registration sheets

PDF Version located here- click here

Carbon less forms are included with the dealer kit.

Cannonball 2018 poster - click here

Its great for us to be a checkpoint / starting point and count us in for all the rides in 2017!    -  Randy
Randy Wolgemuth

The Badge's of Honor - The patches proving you have what it takes!
Helmet Decals for the first 50 riders are included in each dealer kit.

Stack of Cards are shipped to hand out to riders in your showroom. I wanted to make this a TURN KEY motorcycle event - Put up the posters, chat it up, get your customers out enjoying their motorcycle rides. These rides build memories :)

Pictures of our booth at the Toronto Motorcycle Super-show
Jan 8,9,10 - 2016