Nice little 500 mile loop, lots to see and many places to stop and take in the scenery. Cruise up and around Bracebridge all the way across to Calabogie Motorsports Park, drop down into Kingston back up into Tamworth and across into Peterborough.Great ride and very few stops that are madatory - watch out for fuel, you do have many options being Bancroft, Perth, Kingston , Marmora, Bracebrdige- just be aware nothing more.

Make note of the RIDE # - This will be required when submitting all of your proof for each ride once completed.
Submit photos / selfies once you have completed your ride here.

Important: Please take the time to say a quick hello to the dealers on these routes. To verify you were there please take a selfie of yourself in front of their door or gate for verification marked on each route. Covid rules apply - No Hugging the Dealers!
Riders that exit after hours - fill your tank when you return - keep receipt. Patches can be purchased above " Ride Patches " and are mailed directly to you. Some provinces can take up to 4 weeks to receive these via Canada Post.

I have reduced the number of dealer stops by design. Take your time enjoy the scenery!

Remember: Covid Rules apply unless otherwise instructed by provincial or federal parties.

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483 Miles / 777 KM
12 Consecutive Hours
2 Entry Ballots

Hully Gully, McKee Sport, Clares HD Niagara, Clares Cycle, Kellys Cycle, Barrie HD, Kalinowski Power

Photo stops for selfies required at these locations

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