Make note of the RIDE # - This will be required when submitting all of your proof for each ride once completed.
Submit photos / selfies once you have completed your ride here.

Important: Please take the time to say a quick hello to the dealers on these routes. To verify you were there please take a selfie of yourself in front of their door or gate for verification marked on each route. Covid rules apply - No Hugging the Dealers!
Riders that exit after hours - fill your tank when you return - keep receipt. Patches can be purchased above " Ride Patches " and are mailed directly to you. Some provinces can take up to 4 weeks to receive these via Canada Post.

I have reduced the number of dealer stops by design. Take your time enjoy the scenery!

Remember: Covid Rules apply unless otherwise instructed by provincial or federal parties.

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924 Miles / 1487 KM
36 Consecutive Hours
4 Entry Ballots

Polar Tech, Diggerz Sports, Lou's Small Engine

Photo stops for selfies required at these locations

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