Just get on your bike, download the app, select the province, then ride...

For those who want the official rules

How to play - you now have two (2) options

Option # 1
Download Riders App @  Android Google Play or the IOS Play Store - Please refer to the Official Rules ESR page for all detail pertaining to APP usage etc.
This is an easy to use Eat Sleep Ride APP that is being offered for those wishing to use technology at its best for any of these rides. Please refer to either ESR App Questions or Official Rules - ESR.
Option # 2
Print N Ride Rules without App - You need to register, then you "Print N Ride" ( Google Map ) or download GPX File and Ride :)
Register using this form here - ( not quite ready but you can print n ride and let me know)
Choose your province, choose your ride, go to google map - print off the maps you feel you need,  either take a pic or grab a card at any of the stops to prove you were there.  Notify us of your completion, upload pics and your entered into the monthly prize packs! 

We have recently made a bit of a change to allow riders who would prefer to use the old school method the option of Print N Ride - basically go to the Google Maps Link and print your map or maps off and visit each destination, either take a pic or grab a card, show me something you were there. I am just putting to bed the online registration for this which will allow you to attach a photo or doc to it when you send in for credit and points to be added to the rides leader-boards.

For those who do have a phone well all you need is the ESR app to play either on Android or iOS. Once you log in, check out the "Challenges" tab to see motorcycle challenges available by province! The motorcycle roads are grouped into categories by distance type including 250 miles, 500 miles, 1000 miles and 2500 miles. There are a few epic 5,000 mile rides and 10,000 mile rides which are also now available.

Yes, while we are Canadian, and lovers of the metric system, the challenges are grouped by miles just to shake it up. 🙂 No, actually we're not exactly sure why David Purdy, inventor of the Cannonball Rides, chose imperial over metric but you can ask him! @cannonballrides

Step-by-step how to use the ESR app - Go Directly Here

Like I said - Just get on your bike, download the app , or Print N Ride - then RIDE
The ESR App shows you the route and tracks you all in real-time! 
The Print N Ride ... Im not gonna explain that one :)

The year we changed how rides and events are run on a national scale! 

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