Print N Ride Official Rules

Print N Ride Rules without App - You need to either register now or when you return , but you "Print N Ride" ( Google Map ) or download GPX File and Ride :)

  • For those of us who are old school, go to 2019 provincial rides menu, pick the ride you wish to complete.

  • You have the option of going to Google Maps on each ride, or download the GPX file if you want to add to your own GPS.

  • When you launch the link to Google Maps you can zoom in or out and print off what detail you will need to complete the loop.

  • Throughout this loop you will be required to stop at all Super Dealer locations listed.

  • You can either Take a picture, grab a card, whatever works best for you.

  • Once you have completed the ride please forward a picture of the cards lined up in one shot if possible, and also any other details you wish to share.

  • We are hoping to get pictures of you , your passenger, whatever send us some great shots if you would please.
  • Register using the link below - Tell us all of the particulars please.

  • Notify us of your completion, upload pics and your entered into the monthly prize packs!  Wanna Patch for bragging rights :)  ? Order one here

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