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7 Routes To Take During Victoria Day Weekend

7 Routes To Take During Victoria Day Weekend

7 Routes To Take During Victoria Day Weekend


Table of Contents
Route 1: Perce Rock
Route 2: Gaspe And Around The Entire Loop
Route 3: Insane 2 Province Overnighter
Route 4: Absolutely Everything And More Loop 
Route 5: Incredible Twisty's Ride 3 Days
Route 6: Grand Falls To Diamond Cove Lovely 2-Day Ride
Route 7: Best Of The North All In One

Everyone is waiting for the Victoria Day Weekend to relax and have a good time, if you were looking for motorcycle routes across Canada to ride during the May Long Weekend you just hit the right place! Prepare your engines and join Cannonball RidesTM to win prizes by following our staff-picked routes that range from beginner-friendly to more experienced ones. 
During May you’ll be participating to win a RKT 200 ION Helmet (White or Black). Take the opportunity to accumulate a lot of Entry ballots by enjoying the routes we made just for you to win the Gran Prize of a 2023 Yamaha MT-03! Don’t stay at home and enjoy the experience of a fun ride during this festivity!
Perce Rock.
Quebec - New Brunswick
Route #: QC-1000-2
Distance: 987 Miles / 1589 KM
Time Allowed: 36 Consecutive Hours
Entry Ballots: 4 Entry Ballots 
Dealerships and Checkpoints: Pelletier Moto Sport, Huard Abel-Denis Marine, Sports, Max Macleans Sports, Grey Rock Motorsports.
Enter the delightful and cultured rich providence of Quebec to enjoy our staff-selected route. You have a wide variety of points of interest to enjoy during the route from Parks (like Forillon National Park), wildlife reserves, and a wide range of restaurants. You’ll start at Pelletier Moto Sport Inc at 356 Rue Témiscouata, from there the next checkpoint is in Gaspé, a marvelous and charming city that offers you numerous points of interest to visit, eat and rest. In Gaspé, you will be able to see the natural monument Percé Rock, which will leave you stunned by its prominent majesty.
Gaspe And Around Entire Loop.
Quebec - New Brunswick
Route #: NB-1000-1
Distance: 1083 Miles / 1743 KM
Time Allowed: 36 Consecutive Hours
Entry Ballots: 4 Entry Ballots
Dealerships and Checkpoints: Toys for Big Boys, The Power Store, Macleans Sports, Extreme Torque, HD Rimouski, JH Stewart, West End Sports, Rallye Motoplex
If you are in Quebec, or you would like a friendly and easygoing motorcycle route in Quebec, we recommend you this route. The ride is calm and soothing, perfect to spend a light and enjoyable ride whether you are on your own or accompanied. You can also spend a fun time at Haldimand Beach. This journey is similar to the Percé Rock route, but here you will be able to visit the lovely city of Moncton, where you will find the Tidal Bore, sports complexes like TreeGo, and the Magnetic Hill Zoo.
Note: You can find a wide variety in restaurants and motels, but you must be careful with gas since there are only a few Gas Stations during the journey.
Insane 2 Province Overnighter.
Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Route #: SK-1000-1
Distance: 1123 Miles / 1808 KM
Time Allowed: 36 Consecutive Hours
Entry Ballots: 4 Entry Ballots.
Dealerships and Checkpoints: Frontline Sport, Rough Country Ag, Moose Mountain, Terrys Yamaha, Prairie HD, Schraders Yamaha, Thomas Motors.
We present to you our largest motorcycle route in Saskatchewan – Manitoba, do you dare to follow this challenge of 1123 Miles / 1808 Km? This time you will be traveling between the providences of Saskatchewan and Manitoba constituted of charming landscapes full of tranquility that will take you to a new riding experience filled with lots of places to visit. The start and finish point is Schrader's Honda Yamaha on Highway #9 North in Yorkton, where you’ll find points of interest such as Gallagher Centre, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, and the Painted Hand Casino.
From there your next point is in Nipawin where you can visit its famous Nipawin & District Regional Park. Whether if you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this route will leave you with a liberating experience. Enjoy and stay safe!
Absolutely Everything And More Loop.
Nova Scotia
Route #: NS-1000-1
Distance: 1130 Miles / 1819 KM
Time Allowed: 36 Consecutive Hours
Entry Ballots: 4 Entry Ballots
Dealerships and Checkpoints: Babins Service, Cabot Powersports, Shore Cycle, Seamasters, Nodding Sales, Valley Yamaha, Cross Roads Cycle, Truro Motorsports.
Oh, the beautiful Nova Scotia, this motorcycle route in New Scotland will leave you an exciting memory, the providence is packed with delightful things to do from oceanside picnics, wine, beer, cider tastings, and more! Your journey begins in the lovely city of Truro, a historic city filled with harmonic scenery where you can visit the Victoria Park and the famous Fundy Discovery Site. The next point will be at Sydney and from there Babins Service in Louisdale. In Dartmouth you will be able to enjoy charming historic buildings that blend perfectly with the green scenery, to continue your route you will enjoy a fun ferry ride to Halifax and from there the route will take you to Bridgewater where Nodding Sales’ checkpoint is. Until you reach the final point you will have shared a dazzling, quiet, and calm ride that you can cherish for the rest of your life.
Incredible Twisty's Ride 3 Days.
British Columbia
Route #:
Distance: 1073 Miles / 1727 KM
Time Allowed: 36 Consecutive Hours
Entry Ballots: 4 Entry Ballots
Dealerships and Checkpoints: Trev Deeley, Valley Chainsaw, Rivercity Cycle, Main Jet, Hotel Ymir, Kelowna Yamaha, Vantage Powersports.
Start this great motorcycle route at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Boundary Rd, in the metrópolis Vancouver where you can take the opportunity to enjoy the view of the Joffre Lakes. From there point your motorbike north to reach Pemberton where you will find the One Mile Lake - Dog Beach. From this point to the final checkpoint the roads will be very twisty so be aware and stay safe on your ride journey!
Grand Falls To Diamond Cove Lovely 2-Day Ride.
Route #: NF-500-7
Distance: 672 Miles / 1082 KM
Time Allowed: 36 Consecutive Hours
Entry Ballots: 4 Entry Ballots
Dealerships and Checkpoints: Twin Peaks Motorsports, Western Motor Sports, Merles Parts and Recreation, Big Land Motorsports
Pack your bags, rev your engine, and take a ferry to the old providence of Newfoundland and Labrador to enjoy the peaceful scenery that will leave you stunned with its mountain landscape. From Merle's Parts & Recreation to Rose Blanche Lighthouse checkpoint you will be traveling around a gorgeous landscape packed with lots of nature, the city’s history dates from around nine thousand years BC. During this motorcycle route, you will have the chance to visit places like Rose Blanche Lighthouse in Grand Falls, Glassy Beach in Springdale, and Robbins Family Farm in Deer Lake.
Best Of The North All In One.
Northern Ontario
Route #: ON-1000-4
Distance: 1016 Miles / 1634 KM
Time Allowed: 36 Consecutive Hours
Entry Ballots: 4 Entry Ballots
Dealerships and Checkpoints: Bracebridge Yamaha, Carlson Sports, Guiho, Wawa Motor Inn, Northshore Sports, Northstar Recreation.
With its nature and its welcoming landscapes, this motorcycle route in Ontario will bring you joy and you will never feel bored. Starting at Greater Sudbury, from there taking the southeast route you will reach Bracebridge for your second checkpoint. The next city is Passawan, so be sure to prepare gas and take a deserved rest. At the third checkpoint in North Bay, you can also go visit the gorgeous Duchesnay Falls Trails and the interesting Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence. Besides taking photos at the checkpoint you can also take the opportunity to immortalize your journey with Ontario’s landscapes along the journey!

Note: If you intend to visit restaurants and Museums, just remember that most of them will be closed on Mondays, so be prepared!

Don’t miss this opportunity to win the Grand Prize of a 2023 Yamaha MT-03 and join us in Cannonball Rides! Register and start accumulating Entry Ballots by sending photos at each checkpoint. Enjoy the routes and have a safe trip!

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