Just a few of the comments in thus far for the first few rides! 
Looks like everyone had another awesome day with Cannonball Rides!

Great video I came across - Yes common sense prevails but this is a worth while watch, new to riding a definite!
What you need to do to properly corner!
Don't know who to express thanks to for the work and time that went into this venture, but it was great! My group had a fantastic time today and look forward to bring more people on board for next year. Thanks again

 Good morning, I am doing my second year of Cannonball rides. I got to take part last spring in a 500 mile one with my son Gavin. It was our first ride together ever since getting my bike. This year we completed the 1000 mile taste of Ontario and Quebec this past Tuesday and Wednesday. I am taking my daughter Bella out today for a 250 mile ride to Ompah in Ontario. We are leaving from Kingston.

Tomorrow I am expecting to do another 1000 mile run. We are going to do the Eastern Ontario Chi Chi Maun run.  I would also like to volunteer to help out with upcoming rides. My kids and I are turning it into a little tradition of ours and are trying to get all of our patches together. We post everything on Facebook and are getting quite a little following and some interest from other riders to join with us. I plan to make a route to submit for riding. Look forward to hearing from you today if possible. Thanks in advance for your consideration. We love Cannonball Rides!!!
  Jason MacDonald

Hi Dave,,,

2 weeks past and I am fully recovered from the Cannonball 1000/1600.  Enjoyed the ride in perfect weather,,, and thanks for arranging that.  Much more civilised than a SS1000,, with a big meal,, 8 hrs sleep (on a bed no less),, and lumberjack breakfast before tackling day 2.  20.5 hours riding. 92 km/h moving average.  81 kph overall average.  1661 kms total.  A good gps was crucial.  My '04 ST1300 just ate up the miles.   Thanks for organizing the rides.  I look forward to the next one,,,  Alan

Mr. Purdy... just wanted to thank you for all the work that goes into organizing the Cannonball Rides. Our group of 8 riders successful completed the 1,000 mile yesterday.  Route was perfect... beautiful, yet challenging at times due to weather & road construction. Nothing out of the ordinary for any biker (lol). Check in points were all relatively easy to locate. Interesting learning of businesses you didn't know previously existed.  Good on you for making us all more aware! All in all... an amazing 2 days filled with great memories!! Thank you for all you do for the riding community. Already looking forward to the fall 2017 and spring 2018 rides. Best wishes for your continued success in this endeavour! Much respect... Jo

Just in case you are not sure, I am Patricia of Traditional Motorcycle. we had another great event! Thank You.

Good Evening David, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that all of the riders starting from our dealership had an absolute blast. We had people stopping in throughout the day and the weekend.  

From our perspective as a dealer, we found it was great to have people in and people taking part in the event.  It is definitely something that we would be interested in taking part in again next year!
Kelsey Northstar Recreation - Sudbury

Hi David,  I had a blast yesterday doing the ride.  It was a tough route but great scenery and even the sealcoating for 9km didn't dampen the spirit, neither did the few bouts of rain.  I was lucky enough to meet Frog Dog along the way and a couple of others that I know as well.   I did of course screw up at the end as I was so tired and went back to Mountainview and did a selfie instead of getting a gas receipt.  The selfie file information does provide the date and time so I hope that will suffice.  What do I do now though with the fuel receipts and selfies?  I definitely will do this again next year.  Thanks for the work and effort that you and Frog Dog put into this.  Please pass my email along to him. Tony

Tony everything is golden! all will be accepted!

Charmaine wrote: I did it, 854km over 500 miles, threw 4 hail storms, 2 inches of slush, raining 85% of the time, near frost bite using the southern double back route which was embedded in the alternate route you posted! Wow! Ya, I Got What It Takes! What do you need to prove I did this yesterday? I took pictures I have some gas receipts but I did not stop at every town, And I had gas to start, I got card in Nelson, and a card at the end Vantage in Penticton , which was my start as well. I was riding in the slush with 3 others who are doing the 1000. Wow! The map that showed up in your link once in awhile when I pressed it I called it The double Back Route. Wow! Can't believe I stuck it out. My group didn't want yo wait for fairies and didn't want to ride 33, which is a route I haven't taken in awhile. They did an altered northern route. They more then likely missed the storm systems? Not sure yet waiting to hear from them. I went solo! Met lots of people at gas stations who where doing the 1000 on Hwy 3. I was close to just sa, to hell with it and to join them. I'll be doing the 1000 next year. Rain or shine!

That's what i am talking about - just get out and do it!

Scott wrote: Dan and myself decides a couple months ago to do the 500 mile Eastern Ontario Cannonball.
David and Ray followed us from Ottawa, Gatineau to Deep River. We met a father & son team in Gatineau and we helped guide them through the beutiful Quebec roads. The Macdonald's, wish I could remembered their first names. They came from Brockville. We traveled constantly eating snacks when we stopped. I had my cooler packed with sandwiches, water, lemon loaf and apples.
The ride had to start at 9am and finish at 9pm. We used all the time up. It was a hard ride because it wasn't on 400 highways.
Would I do it again. Probably. I liked it with Dan and I and feel a large group would slow it down however with David and Ray on the first part it showed me a couple more can join with no real slow down.
David Purdy is the organizer and I'd like to complement him or the organization of the ride. I hope to try one of the longer rides some day.

Glad you had a good time - if the rides were easy what would be the point :)

Robert Wrote: Just wanted to say thanks for all of the work you put into putting rides like these together it must be a ton of work. This was my second 1000 and both have been fantastic. Thanks

Kevin Wrote: David, Completed our 500!!  Always a great ride on a bike!

Doug Wrote: Hi David,  It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday morning at McGregor. We really enjoyed the ride, especially from McGregor, up through Algonquin Park and over to Bracebridge. We didn't complete the ride as we both had mechanical problems. When we got to Cambridge my starter wouldn't engage, and while discussing our options Rob noticed a problem with his rear tire. For safety's sake we called it off and headed home.  Doug

It goes without saying - safety is key. Check your bike well in advance. Yes problems can occur however some can also be avoided!

It was a great ride even though the colors haven't changed yet. Didn't get to see many members with the staggered start and hall but had fun and met some new people. Made it is under the wire and completed the 1st Cannoball 500...

Hi Dave, The ride wrapped up nicely & our attendance for it has grown, probably doubled from last year.
Please refresh my memory on how I get the money & forms to you. Thanks,
Dusty Cole -- Sales Manager
Headingley Sport Shop / Indian Motorcycle of Winnipeg

Hi David. It was hell but we did it, lol. Worst riding weather we have been in.  So because the Trans Canada was closed we exited in Edmonton instead of Rocky Mountain House where we started. How do we handle the exit so we get our patches? Final mileage was 2400 for the weekend. After this weekend we will kill for them, lol. A little feedback. Overall a great set up. We can't say enough about the staff at Gateway in Rocky Mountain House. They were ready and excited when we checked in Saturday morning. Gave us a great start and sendoff. Harley Davidson of the Kootneys was another outstanding experience. They helped us get dry and were great. We did leave them a rather large amount of cash for new boots and other gear, lol. 

The only downside was Harley Davidson of Banff. Start of the tourist season, roads packed with vehicles, no place to park, the store was full of retail customers, a good thing for them, bad for us. It took us an hour to get in, get the card and hit the road. A big bottleneck for sure. Thanks for putting this all together. We survived and although we had one of our group drop out in Nelson, we had a blast with great memories and stories to tell. 

Mike Payne, Debbie Wymenga, Rod Wymenga. 

Hi Dave, We finally had fantastic weather in the Maritimes for the spring runs ! We were pretty pleased with the turnout from other areas of the province and country. We actually had two groups of two completing the 2,500 mile run, both from Ontario. One pair was a mother and son, and what troopers, as they showed up here on Friday, the 9th, and it WAS a frigid monsoon on Friday! They had rubber gloves on inside their riding gloves - not a very nice introduction to NB (it was Mom's first time here). We took the opportunity to also have our local Red Knights club here at the store on Saturday. They were selling tickets on a new DR-Z125 that they are raffling off to raise funds for the Atlantic Burn Camp for kids, and they had a good day of sales - most Cannonball riders picked up a ticket or two. All the best Tim Tim Hovey MotoSport Plus NB Inc. 342 Rothesay Avenue Saint John, NB, E2J 2C2

David: thank you very much for the maps and for taking the time to put this onthe ride was great very tough I was hauling ass almost the whole time dosent allow for much stop time I messed up in ajax at entard(fancy dealer )I stopped outside on the road to log next waypoint and for a selfie and was overcome by a fierce biological urge this explains my sore back coming down the back side anyway long story short when I got back to my start point I discovered I did not take the picture. STUPID!!!! Anyway I will go for the patch next year I got back to Oakville with half hour to spare again thank you!!!!!!

Peter -

I trust riders to be honest - saying you forgot only means you are honest - Patch approved - You earned it!

Hello David

I just thought I would let you know that we did make it around the Cannon ball 500 in NS and we had a blast..... a long day but we did have great weather and good company.  So thank you for allowing us to start from our home base. 

Also wanted to give you heads up on one section of road that we traversed.... navigated.... bounced over...... yeah I can't even come up with a good word for it. LOL but it did make for an adventure. But next year you may want to remove the loop from Yarmouth to Shelburne (route 203) was very bad. The mining trucks that ran that route a few years back have destroyed the road. 

This in no way is a complaint just informing you so organizers can make informed decisions on the route for next year.Thanks again for setting it up and I did have a blast, and we made it. Too cool.  

Bruno Wrote: This was my first time riding 500 mile cannonball run and despite the not so favorable weather I had a great time. My day started out at Harley Calgary meeting my riding partner Rod. On our arrival we found ourselves amongst other riders that signed up for a broken biker pocket run. After some small talk and coffee team Rod and Bruno became Rod, Rob and Bruno. Never met Rob before and it was his first 500 mile run also. We saddled up and ventured on our journey with weather challenges from sun, cold, rain and high winds all the way to the finish as a team. What a great day. Thank you and the dealers for organizing, Bruno

I am sure you hear a lot of griping from people, so I thought I would send a thank you. Had a fantastic day yesterday riding the 500 miles in Southwestern Ontario. Spent a lot of time pre-planning around construction. We ended up finishing 525 miles in 11 hours and 52 minutes. Gathering up our cards and photos and will bring them back on Monday. What an incredible day to be riding! Weather was awesome. Met a lot of great people, and a few that underestimated the hurdles along the way. Thank you for all the organizing behind the scenes. Sign me up for the 1000 next. Brent

Hi David, First off, please accept my heartfelt “THANK YOU” for setting up these rides.  The effort is very much appreciated!
Rick Bradshaw, General Manager

Schrader's Honda Yamaha Suzuki
Yorkton, SK 

Just completed Cannonball500 (Ontario) yesterday and had a blast! Thanks for organizing this. I'm looking forward to doing the 800 km in the spring.

Thanks to the Cannonballs, including scouting the 300 Mile'r....I've put on 2,000. km that I wouldn't have. So I want to add my appreciation as well.   Terry's Cycle Weyburn Saskatchewan

It was a RAD day. It was just awesome to be with the crew on a gorgeous day, and on my Betsy for the day. As always she took real good care of me. You'll get your 800 patch in the spring!


We had about 75 riders leaving our shop (I was one of them so did not get a final head count). Massive line up out of door from about 6:30 am. Had a cooler of water for all riders stopping in (33 degrees outside) as well as coffee and doughnuts.

When I got to Dauphin I saw that Country Boys Choppers were open and welcoming in all riders. Awesome! They said they had 40 riders leave in the morning.

When I got to Morden I saw that the owner of Gaslight HD was there. They were closed during the day but were welcoming riders in the morning and at the end. Had a big bucket of ice water for all riders to grab on their way through. Awesome.

The feedback we got in the shop was absolutely fantastic. Everyone loved it and will eagerly do it again. Great work on getting this organized David, you did a fantastic job!  My total was 938km in 11 hours 59 minutes. Yes, 1 minute shy of 12 hours. Got a huge laugh out of that timing.

David: The first Edmonton Cannonball 500 Lite was a huge success despite mother nature’s attempt to discourage everyone with “not-the-best” riding weather Sunday was cloudy, 7 degrees C, and rain on the radar Despite the conditions, 75 riders did show up for a breakfast buffet put on by our Main dealer/sponsor, Blackjacks Roadhouse in Nisku All riders had departed just after 9:00am

The first have off the route was a nice ride. Sunny but cool. They made the midway point at Rocky Mountain House in great spirits and enthusiasm. They were met with free refreshments and a donation BBQ before continuing on.

Unfortunately it was the second half of the trip that was miserable. Dropping temperatures and rain combined with a section of road construction made the roads slippery and muddy. All riders made it through the “sloppy” section safe and continued on toward the final destination. Everyone commented on what a great route it was, despite the rain and mud. The leaves in this area are starting to turn their fall colours. Most of the riders returned in under the 7 ½ hours with time to spare We unfortunately had one breakdown halfway through the route. A Suzuki went down with what is believed to be a transmission. Six other registered riders did not show up when all was completed and we headed for home. All riders are impressed with the format, and can’t wait for the extended 800K June Cannonball 500 Glad Edmonton can now be included in the Nationwide Cannonball Tim Zarowny

Thank You Purdyman for all your work in setting this up for the rest of us to enjoy ! I and two friends rode the Ontario ride leaving/finishing from A&K. Recreation We made the loop in a clockwise direction and the first 1/2 of the ride was so exhilarating and the second half in the south was challenging as we are just not used to congested roads We had a great ride and finished with about twenty minutes to spare. I road the Spring ride and found that todays ride was a bigger challenge. Once again " Thank You " We are looking forward to meeting you at the Motorcycle show in Jan. John

David, just wanted to thank you for organizing the ride yesterday – man, it was a full ride !    there were three of us, leaving from A&K in Waubaushene – I thought we did everything right, made all the turns and made very quick stops   - it took us just over 7 hours, we had about 15 minutes to spare !  I would be curious to know what the completion rate was ?   I can’t imagine that anyone did it any faster than us and it pretty much took us the entire allowed time !

Really puts long distance, endurance riding into perspective ! Rode my old ’99 BMW R1100S    130,000 kms and it was a pleasure to ride – Regards Chris Dixon

Hi Dave
Thanks again, I would like to thank everyone that help organize the Cannonball 500. I manage to clock 641 klometer great day it was truly a fun ride, I'm sad to say I didn't make it in time limit ha ha maybe next year, I can't wait.

 Many more to follow I am sure - Such a great day - the riding was fantastic for almost everyone - Northwest Territories had +7 and pouring rain but many still made it - Cheers to everyone - I will post more comments as they flow my way!

Northwest Territories Riders do battle below from their starting point in Yellowknife - Weather was 7 degrees and raining the entire trip - I salute all of you who completed this ride!

David:  Did the CannonBall 500 in Ontario yesterday! It was a great ride! Weather started off bad, but then turned into a gorgeous day! Not sure how you arrived at choosing the roads, but Renfrew County 515 was an awesome road for the curves/twisties. Great scenery throughout the entire ride.

Lastly, Barrie Harley Davidson went beyond and WAY above what was required. 50% of the dealerships were closed, simply had a box sitting outside the door, one of those had a signup sheet for the people that started there.

Barrie was open before 7AM, had a formal sign-in, coffee/water to start. Then in the evening, they came back, opened up, verified documents, handed out patches (which I assume they are footing the bill for), and ended off with a BBQ. Must of had 30+ riders that started from their location. They did such a good job, I had assumed they organized the entire ride! GREAT job on the ride! Hope it went as well in the other provinces. Dale

Thank you again David for getting me out on the longest ride I've taken in 5 years! Always at the shop trying to keep everyone else on the road, dirt or snow and never time to get out and ride.

Thank you! Thank you for all the work and effort that went into these rides. I particiapted in the Ontario event yesterday and it was great. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to more events. Steve

Dave : The route  / roads were great! 

You were at the Orillia start point Saturday morning , right ?   My wife and I were one of the first roadglides to arrive and leave right around 7am starting from Orillia.

And yes we finished with 15 minutes to spare. 

Thanks for looking after us. There were about 20 there wondering what to do so everyone is witnessing each other and will send in their forms. Expect a few more emails from individuals in the group. The ride was really cold and wet for the first 2.5 to 3 hours. Hats off to the guy on the cafe racer. After that it was great. Thanks again.

I'll keep an eye on the Web page for the next one.

Thank you so much! I had a GREAT time & look forward to doing it again & again & again. Maybe even the 1000.
Huge Thanks to all the supporters too, River City, Brandon, Dauphin & Gas Light. MLH&R!

We rode up from Hamilton in the morning and still finished with 15 minutes to spare starting from Stayner.
As you probably found, groups of more then 2 or 3 waste more time at stops for fuel or food. I think pairs are ideal. and will aim for that next year.
We rode the route backwards which turned out to be a minor mistake. We had hoped to avoid the 400 traffic though those that went clockwise said there was little and hoped to avoid some of the rain but ran into it. Oh well just part of the fun of riding.
The guys at Barrie Harley  said that they would be hosting a giant BBQ next year at the end and it seems many of the Check in Spot sponsors were well behind the ride. 
Like any good event there will be millions of great stories and adventures like the guy who lost his GO PRO on hwy 66 in the grass but found it in the bushes working but well shaken, the group of Russian Riders that bickered constantly but good naturedly at every stop, Deer, Turtle and other wildlife sightings and the solitary radar trap, all good stuff.
And the big grins and waves on every rider we passed was proof that any minor inconvenience was worth it.
Thanks again


So four of us from Estevan came up the night before and stayed at Bear Claw Casino at Carlyle for the start of SK Cannonball  500. Very nice accommodations and very friendly knowledgeable staff handling start and finish paper work. Casinos are good check in points in our opinion because of the hours open/staffing etc

Great day we followed the route and stayed dry

John P

This was an awesome route. Beautiful roads. Needs some fine tuning. Maybe instead of going into towns to find dealers have the stops for cards at gas stations just off the road. Seam to lose time finding the stores with construction and other events closing roads. Would due again though.

Great to hear - thanks John

Hello David, Thank you all so much for having us along for the ride on Sunday. We cannot express our appreciation on how incredibly patient you all were with us. The ride was incredible and challenging all at the same time. The weather was except for a little rain really a beautiful. I have a couple of photos to send you could you forward you email address. Note: If you want to post this on your website please feel free to edit. Thank you all! Shirley