What is required to become a Super Dealer for a Cannonball?

The only requirement I have is you have to believe in the industry you serve. Live it , eat it and promote it!

Super Dealers welcome riders on all makes and models.  You don't have to be a large franchised dealer, although most of those thus far that have embraced this event are, but you yourself enjoy being part of the riding community.

I try to deliver a well organized event for all to enjoy.  2021 is the continuation of " The Basics 101 ".

The purpose behind having Super dealerships involved is to increase footfall into your dealership. To let riders see everything your area and your location has to offer - without Cannonball Rides the bulk would never have set foot in your doorway.

Everyday will be a Cannonball Ride day for many:

Riders can now leave any day during the riding season. In years past like many events we did a one day or two day or week long event and we were always held subjective to the elements of mother nature and life's inevitable disruptions. This has caused many participants to forgo planned rides purely because they had to work, weather was terrible etc. Now the riders can take on a Cannonball Rides event whenever they want and be rewarded for doing so!

The event effectively starts May 1st, 2021 and runs until October 31st 2021.  How many Cannonball Riders do you have amongst your own dealership customers ? One of them could claim the crown of Canada's Long Distance Rider, or possibly WIN the Give-Away FREE MOTORCYCLE!

Riders will register online, select which ride they wish to participate in. Very simple now and eliminates any effort required outside of your own local dealership promotion. 

During the Ride:

Riders will be coming by your location all hours of the day. Dealers can of course hand out cards, but your dealership is earmarked as a dedicated stop - meaning quite simply, when a rider gets to your location he or she will be either taking a picture or be dropping in to say hello.  Please make the staff aware :)

The Patch Order:

Patches are now ordered directly by riders online. If you wish to organize a Saturday or Sunday Cannonball Rides day - maybe a 250 Mile ride as a "customer appreciation" event or something - this event is ready and willing and able to make it simple and fun. It is the way of the future!

Cost To Be Involved:

The dealerships cost for 2021 is FREE

  • There will be monthly email campaigns through Joe Rocket Canada and there thousands of users.

  • This is no longer just a ride, it is an online movement one capable of joining riders and industry together. 

It is a great ride that is nothing more then all about riding. If you would like to become a starting point dealership in your province please let me know. I build the rides out around dealership starting points. If I cannot get you into an existing ride ( your location?)  - We will build out a ride for your immediate area. No location is too remote - Remember we had two in Yellowknife last year!

Once your dealership becomes a starting point then we will lock in your position on these rides for subsequent events. Working together we can grow your location into a Cannonball Rides ™ preferred location.

Thank you - David Purdy      

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