back to the basics 101


Remember when riding a motorcycle was about getting lost or finding those new roads yet untraveled? That is what Cannonball Rides can offer you , A True Adventure!

Today the number of distracted automobile drivers on the road, using cell phones for absolutely everything is overwhelming, you know precisely what I mean - I see it every-time I ride my motorcycle! I hardly ever see someones eyeballs anymore while riding, I see their head looking down and up every now and then. DO you really want to be part of this common place habit on a motorcycle! 

Cannonball Rides is all about the adventure, and part of that is stopping to see where the next turn is - simple and so effective :)

Please consider focusing on what is around you and ahead of you at all times. Looking down to a phone is like looking down to make a turn - Remember being taught look where you want the bike to go - Never Look Down!  

I can see using a cell phone possibly for navigating when going through a major city however even that can be easily avoided with a list of turns written out on a sheet of paper and easily viewed by a waterproof tank bag with clear protector. Pull over , review the next few turns, then move along safely being able to see precisely what is going on all around you.

Still think I am crazy - more laws on distracted driving and the penalties for such while on a motorcycle - click here 

Disclaimer: You are on your own, you decide when and where you start. You must finish where you started to complete the loop within the given time. We assume no liability whatsoever before, during or after the ride.

The Government of Ontario did introduce some new fines for driving while distracted on January 1st, 2019, and those fines will remain the same on January 1st, 2020.  If you’re a first-time distracted driving offender and you dispute your $615 ticket, it could increases to $1,000 if you lose.  A second-time offender will receive a $615 ticket that increases to $2,000 if they dispute it and lose. They can also expect six demerit points and license suspension for seven days.  For third-time offenders, the fine goes up to $3,000 if they take it to court and lose. They’ll also receive six demerit points and license suspension for 30 days.  Novice drivers will face longer suspensions and possibly see their license revoked.  A driver involved in a collision caused by eating, drinking, smoking, reaching for objects, or reading could be charged with careless or dangerous driving.   Question: Why do we want to use a cell phone app on our motorcycle again? Like as if that is not distracted riding :)

Here are some sobering texting and driving / riding statistics to put it into perspective:

  1. Checking your phone increases the chance of an accident by eight times.
  2. Over 25% of reported accidents involve a phone, including hands-free phones, but they’re still under-reported.
  3. Drivers using phones fail to process 50% of their road environments.
  4. Distracted driving causes 4,000,000 car accidents per year in North America.
  5. Distraction accounts for 60% of moderate and sever teen crashes.

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